The world of business and financial organisations is an environment in which fundamentally we can flourish by finding meaning in our personal contribution to the future we want to see emerge.

Today, both leadership and responsibilities are challenged and, as such, need to adapt to the reality in which we are all entering in as a human species.

"The biggest problem in communication is that we do not listen to understand. We listen to answer." - Stephen R. Covey -

Is a Shift necessary for you & your company?

* Have you noticed disengagement in yourself, or in your department?

* As a CEO or an employee, how are you handling emotions like stress and/or anxiety?

* Do you feel free to express your point of view in a strategic or operational manner?

* Is your organisation optimally efficient, using communication to achieve adequate fulfilment and productivity?

1. Our first meeting will be with your CEO, in order to identify opportunities to combine collaboration and responsibility in order to create, on one hand, efficiency, and on the other hand, social well-being, within teams and the company in general.

The goal of this meeting is to analyse your current methodology in order to understand how we might improve relationships with your employees during strategic and operational meetings.

2. Whether it be a weekly or monthly meeting with your teams, we will introduce sociocratic ideas and non-violent communication tools to let the collective intelligence of the group emerge.

3. At each step of the process, the goal is to increase efficiency, productivity and motivation, with clarity and fluidity, in all aspects of your organisation, thanks to action plans co-created by you and your talented employees.

Yes, we can! As a leader, your responsibility is to drive and support the energy of your team by empowering them with a common vision.

You are all here to create and contribute to the world that lies ahead - a never-ending human adventure. As an owner of different businesses, I understand that bringing the right energy in a consistent way can be a complex task…

Thanks to sociocratic tools, the goal is to reach optimal efficiency for your company and increased well-being for your collaborators.

I am willing to help if you need it… Let’s chat and see what we might create together.